Jun. 10, 2008

Impeachment. We're safe... for now.

So, what's important? What do we need to know today?

Currently, some of the stories displayed on the front page of
CNN.COM include the following:

Be Cheap This Summer: Rising gas prices and a worsening economy may affect how Americans spend their leisure time this summer. We want to see how you plan to have fun -- for free.

House Democrat Won't Endorse Obama: one congressional Democrat (Rep. Dan Boren, Oklahoma) said Tuesday he will not endorse Barack Obama's bid for the White House. (Makes sense, everybody is always waiting on pins and needles to hear the next utterance from the great Dan Boren).

700-pound man dreams of walking down the aisle: Mexico (AP) -- Manuel Uribe, who once weighed a half-ton but has slimmed down to about 700 pounds, celebrates his 43rd birthday Wednesday with a simple wish for the coming year: to be able to stand on his own two feet to get married.

Man finds $250,000 lottery ticket in jacket : A Prince George's man found more than he expected when searching his pockets last week.

Important stuff - but these days, there are a few corners of the Internet where fringe groups come together and discuss issues that, unlike the stories above, aren't at all newsworthy and in reality would be offensive, and even dangerous to the average American's ear. Even so, and regrettably, some news wire services continue to cater to these extremist elements within our society by reporting on fodder such as the following:

Rep. Kucinich introduces Bush impeachment resolution: Rep. Dennis Kucinich said Monday he wants the House to consider a resolution to impeach President Bush... Kucinich, D-Ohio, read his proposed impeachment language in a floor speech. He contended Bush deceived the nation and violated his oath of office in leading the country into the Iraq war... Kucinich introduced a resolution last year to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. That resolution was killed, but only after Republicans initially voted in favor of taking up the measure to force a debate.

Apparently, this Kucinich character is a member of the U.S. Congress, I would imagine from one of the pockets of far left constituencies in Oregon, or California - they say he ran in the Democratic presidential primary. I don't recall hearing his name on CNN too much, but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing his name during the introductory credits during the first few debates - back when there were all those other people up on the stage with Hillary and Obama.

Of course, none of this has made it to the front page of CNN.COM - which means that, so far, those who fight to ensure that our airwaves only reflect respectable American values continue to prevail in their struggle. Even so, there is always the possibility that members of these extremist elements within our society could make their way into the permissive bastions of the liberal media and plant details of this sordid activity within the websites of our major news outlets.

In order to ensure that this type of propaganda is not allowed to infect those who are deficient in their ability to retain the information that is essential to their enjoyment of the American way of life, it is important that these ideas are not readily available within the media system. I am happy to report that, as of this writing, those who protect the fourth pillar of democracy from anti-American rhetoric are succeeding.

By clicking on the following link, you will find the latest results retrieved when the search term "
impeachment" is entered into the CNN.COM website. As you can see, despite the ever increasing leftward slant of this organization, the words of the dangerous classes have not surfaced. No word of the above noted activity can be found, even when the search term "Kucinich" is entered into the site. (Note: after the writing of this post, CNN finally added an article to their site - but I'm sure you still get the point).

One should not be lulled into a feeling of security based on the above noted information. I have heard reports that mention of this affair has been made during CNN broadcasts, however, if I have not seen it, I would imagine the seepage is not such that we should be overly concerned of an outbreak.

Currently, even those with the unenviable job of defending America from the scourge of the far left media that takes advantage of our freedoms are meeting with success, as the same two search terms, "
impeachment" and "Kucinich", entered into the MSNBC site fail to register the latest activities of those who would deny Americans their beliefs (although, as you can see, one article reporting on earlier activities perpetrated by this same crew has made it through - an example of the danger a weak moment permits).

While the danger can never be understated, it is comforting to know that the individuals that own these broadcasters, and those who they choose to work for them, continue to ensure that the information conveyed to the nation accurately reflects the
views and desires that they share in common with the American people.

It is imperative that we continue to understand the common good through the voices of those whose place in the order of things entitles them to the
positions of leadership they hold. For every time a citizen's mind is captured by the Kuciniches of the world - slipping outside of the wide spectrum of acceptable American values - it means that a few more of our tax dollars are diverted from growth and jobs to fund the necessary increase in policing and domestic security costs that such dangerous ideas necessitate.

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